How To Think and Create Like Einstein

inally Cracked!

The Intuition Code!

Boost Your Built-In Brainpower To Greater Levels Than You've Ever Thought Possible!

Albert Einstein

To have "an edge" is to know something

others don't know - To have an advantage

To activate Your intuition is to

know something early enough to benefit yourself

without searching for it – To have it instantly.

 We call it, "The Wizard's Edge."

"One must accept intuition as a fact."

Albert Einstein

Created At UCLA's Experimental College

Learn intuition

"Tom, you've finally cracked the intuition code!"

Dr. Joe Vitale

Star of The Secret and best-selling Author of way too many books to mention, including the bestseller The Attractor Factor.

While teaching a course on mind power and intuition, I was answering a question about how to recognize intution and  showed a student how she could literally tap into it within just a few minutes. She did it and it blew her mind!

After that most of the 62 students where able to achieve the same result. Since then thousands around the world have learned this stunningly simple technique.

But how to use it...well, that's what The Wizard's Edge is all about​

>Easy-To-Use In This 6-Part Step-by-Step Dynamic Program<

Knowing How To Use This Tool Saved My Life!

I often flew from my home in Los Angeles to San Diego for a project I was working on. I usually flew out on Monday mornings on PSA flight 182. I didn't like the drive on the busy San Diego Freeway and avoided it whenever I could. This was before intense airline security, so jumping on a plane was fast and easy.

One Sunday morning, the day before my San Diego trip, I awoke with a busy day ahead of me, which included a date that night with a lovely woman I'd been trying to get together with for weeks. Despite my schedule for the day I felt an overwhelming urge to drive to San Diego on that busy Sunday. It didn't make sense and I tried to dismiss it from my mind.

I didn't feel any fear about flying, I just felt compelled to drive. I continued to resist the urge. But it was like a magnet pulling on me to such an extent that I felt I had to do it. All the while, I wondered what was going on?

So, I drove down the San Diego Freeway, feeling almost foolish, but I also knew from experience that this "compulsion" was my "Intuitive Click" at work. When the feelings to act became that strong, that compelling, I obeyed, even though I had a choice not to.

Monday morning PSA flight 182 was in a mid-air crash , killing all aboard and several on the ground in San Diego. I've stopped questioning that feeling ever since.

Your Intuition:

• Knows You

• Can Protect you

• Can Tell You When Others Are Lying

• Gives You Clues When To Make Your Move

• Can Increase Your Odds Of Success, Even Survival

Now, Finally You Can Learn To Understand It

For a few, using their natural intuition is almost effortless. But for most, it's a learned process of trial and error, mostly error because they don't know how to trust it or even how to call it up.

Your Intuition is like a control panel that you feel but don't see. Understanding the messages that it's sending is life changing and maybe even life saving. The Wizard's Edge can show you how gain maiximum value from this wondrous gift that is standard issue to us all.



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Increase Your Creativity To Greater Levels 

"The only job we have been given when we came to this earth is
to create. Everything we do is a creation, from a job, to children
to thoughts. We all create all the time – it is all we do."

Tom Justin

How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed​

Your intuition is a great tool that can dramatically increase your creativity. Problem solving is a creative process and the greater your creativity the easier it is to solve your problems.​

When you focus your intuition on, not your problems, but on their solutions, you will become a master problem solver for yourself and others.​​ You will be amazed as The Wizard's Edge guides you to not only solving but preventing major problems in your life.

Baeth Davis

Tom brings his considerable knowledge and experience in intuitive work, business management and online marketing to the session. Totally worth it! I consider him one of my key business advisors for project planning and business management.

Tom Muzilla Author of
Mental Karate

As a martial art trainer, former Special Forces member, protection specialist and consultant to feature films, I’ve had to rely on my intuition as much as my physical skills numerous times.

Tom Justin has the ability to simultaneously operate in an active environment while using his intuitiveskills to help himself and others around him. I trust his instincts and his knowledge. I would wholeheartedly take advantage of any course, seminar or speaking engagement he offers.

Diane Estrada 20/20 Foresight

When I first met Tom Justin, I was VP of Information Technology for a $9 billion dollar international corporation. Our weekly mastermind sessions were powerful and insightful.
Tom’s stream of consciousness and direct approach to challenges and creative problem solving helped me and others immeasurably. His background as a consultant and entrepreneur along with his humor added so much to our group that I look forward to future Wizard Sessions with him.


I’ve interviewed a lot of of core-level teachers, miracles coaches and manifesting mentors. But Tom Justin brings forth an even added value to helping you re-route your life; his extensive street-level experience in the corporate world. It may be hard for you to find another teacher of higher-learning who so beautifully balances his coaching and wisdom with practical, real-world lessons and insight


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Dr. Joe Vitale

Attaining Your Desires: By Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work For You
Dr. Joe Vitale, the world-famous copywriter and creator of the "hypnotic Writing" method, has chosen to release the amazing book that changed his life - one of the 3 most powerful books of all time.
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Dr. Steve G. Jones

Power Your Mind To Discover Abundance
Join world renown hypnotist, Dr. Steve G. Jones to discover how to get in touch with that part of you which is ready to create riches, love, and happiness in your life NOW!
Learn to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want and live in blissful abundance!
Value: $79.00

Eldon Taylor

Soaring Self Esteem

This MP3 audio download uses the patented and proven InnerTalk subliminal technology. Use this bonus MP3 to train your mind, conditioning it with the powerful statements listed below:
Sample Affirmations: I am good. I am liked. I am accepted. I am accepting. Life is good. Life is a miracle. I am a miracle. Living is fun. I enjoy life. II am caring. I am sharing. I like myself. I love life. I am loving. I am loved. I am secure. I am confident. I am optimistic.
Value: $27.95

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Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. Just try this program
for 30 days and if for any reason it doesn’t fit your
expectations, simply request your money back and
keep all the bonuses.

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The Wizard’s Edge Course Components

Session 1

Introduction – The Basic Technique

You will begin to explore the basic elements of this technique that will expand your intuitive abilities and increase your level of awareness and self-confidence in ways you may never have imagined before.

Session 2.

The Force Of Life

Energy. How we use it or how we allow it to use us (up).

Session 3
Fear, Premonition, Mind Conditioning, And Self-Awareness

The elements of
fear, constructive use of intuition, even when it’s fearful, and the 3
states of awareness are all covered in this session.You’ll hear a little
about healing in the audio too. We’ll be covering that in a later
session in more detail.

Session 4
Convergence & Coincidence

This session is important for several reasons. You will become even more aware of your conscious decisions as well as those that might have previously been unconscious.

Session 5
Intuitive Influence & The Third Source Of Intuition

In this session you will discover the emerging personal power you will have by using Your Inner Wizard’s intuitive tools.

Session 6
Person-To-Person Power

This is an exploration of using the elements of Your Inner Wizard techniques that will enhance your business and personal relationships. It’s also about increasing your own personal power.

​Why I Do This

A friend and former client of mine asked me once why I put out this course on intuition. He said, “You’ve been a high level consultant to Fortune 500 companies, multimillionaire entrepreneurs and show business celebrities, so why this?" I told him a story he already knew about not getting on Flight 182. There are many other stories about how it’s guided me and my clients to not only safety but higher levels in every area of life. It’s created relationships and saved them. It’s heightened awareness to levels that some mystics claim to have. What separates everyday people from those seen as extraordinary is their willingness to explore beyond the normal “boundaries” of life. When I can teach others the keys to reaching greater heights by using their intuition and do it on a mass basis, there is no better legacy that I can leave.

Tom Justin

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